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Hacker Culture Reading Lists: Hacking as Work: Precarity and Labour

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Hacker Studies Reading List: Hacking as Work - Precarity and Labour

This reading list focusing on workers in high-tech industries. In particular it consider the working conditions and issues around labour, gender and race that are part of technology work.

Hacker Culture Reading Lists: Hacker History

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Hacker Studies Reading List: Hacker History

Like the word hacker, the history of hackers and hacking is pretty diffuse and it is not particularly helpful to try to establish a totalizing point of origin.

Hacker Reading Lists: Introduction to Hacker Culture

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Hacker Culture Reading Lists: Introduction to Hacker Culture

Hopefully this will be the first in a series of reading lists I’m compiling in March 2020 with the intention of documenting and expanding the bibliography of works included as part of hacker studies.





Privacy Stories Workshop: Critical Approaches to Information Security and Critical Infrastructure

Undergraduate Summer Workshop, University of Toronto, Faculty of Information, 2018

Description of the Program

The 2018 Privacy Stories Workshop was a summer school organized by Professor Leslie Reagan Shade for outstanding undergraduates with a topical interest in privacy topics including privacy policy, security and technology. During the summer camp, students were able to contribute to the scholarly and policy conversation in Canada surrounding digital privacy through exploring and developing creative digital privacy policy literacy resources. The research is situated within a collaborative SSHRC project, Opening the Door on Digital Privacy: Practices, Policies, & Pedagogies.

CCT 110 - Rhetoric and Media

Teaching Assistant, University of Toronto - Erindale Campus, Institute of Communication, Culture, Information & Technology, 2019

Duties include: Grading, Tutorial Facilitation, Writing Support Commendation: Recieved letter of excellence in teaching for achieving a 4.70/5 on student evaluations.

CCT212 - Hacker Culture

Instructor - Undergraduate Level Course, University of Toronto Mississauga, Erindale Campus, 2020

Duties include: Course development, lecturing, grading & assignment design