JIE 1001/ECE 1518: Seminar in Identity, Privacy and Security (Cyber-Physical Security of the Smart Grid)

Teaching Assistant, University of Toronto - Main Campus, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering / Faculty of Information (Cross-listed course), 2015

As the teaching assistant for JIE 1001 / ECE 1518 I was responsible for grading and recruiting speakers who could discuss contemporary issues pertaining to privacy, security, surveillance and critical infrastructure.

These lecturers included: Mark Fabro - President and Chief Security Officer - Lofty Perch Seth Hardy - Security Engineer - Lookout Jennifer Whitson - Assistant Professor, Sociology and Legal Studies - University of Waterloo Anita Fineberg - Health Lawyer, Author and Adjunct Professor - Ryerson University Ciara Bracken-Roche - Doctoral Candidate - Queens University